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Wall Drapes & Bistro Lights

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Cover areas

Cover any unwanted area, make false walls, dressing rooms and more with our pipe & drape walls. Need lighting? We can add our bistro lights to light up the night

Let's Get Started

1. Take Measurements

Remember to take measurements of height, width, and depth. We can cover walls, narrow walkways, and/or provide privacy. Don't want wall drapes? We can set up bistro lights with no drapes and it keep it open.

aztecaparty bistro lights.jpg

2. Take Photographs

 Take pictures from different angles of your event space. This helps us figure out more or less what we can do in terms of design. It helps us figure out where we can put hooks (if required) or hang fabric and/or cords for your event. 

aztecaparty lights wall drape.jpg

3. Talk with the owner

If the location is not your home (brother's house, mom's house, Airbnb, etc.) please consult with them if there are any off-hands areas they would like us to consider. There are a couple of things we need to know before we can plan for your event: 

  • What is the delivery/pick up time frame? 

    • Set up as early as 9am, event starts at 4pm. Event ends at 10pm, be out by midnight.

    • Set up a day before, pick up the day after.

  • Are there any elevators/stairs we have to take to get to the event space?

  • Are we allowed to put hooks or similar equipment anywhere around the event space (if required)?

  • Are there any areas strictly off-limits from draping and/or lighting?

aztecaparty bistro lights (1).jpg

Make an appointment

The best way for us to give you a quote is for you to set up an appointment with us after taking the above steps. 

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