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Tent Draping

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Classic Tenting

Rent a tent and add draping. Have your own tent? We may be able to drape it for you. We customize every drape, color, & measurement to make the tent as unique as your event. Customize how much draping you would like, choose from over 20 colors, and add special lighting to make it perfect for your next event

Let's Get Started

1. Take Measurements

Remember to take measurements of height, width, and depth. We can cover unwanted walls, keep walls all open, cover legs of the tent, remove tarp, etc. Most importantly, we need measurements of the area you wish to be covered. Each tent is customized to cover what you would like to cover or keeping it simple and open. Have your own tent? Please also send us photos of your style.

*We do not have "big, medium, small" sizes as each tent is based on measurements only.*

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2. Take Photographs

 Take pictures from different angles of your event space. This helps us figure out more or less what we can do in terms of design. It helps us figure out the size of the tent fits best in your space in regards to bushes, trees, wires, etc.

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3. Choose a Tent Style

Choose from our popular style of tents: tent with up to 4 sides of tarp walls, tent with no tarp walls, or no tarp at all.

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4. Starting Price

Our starting prices will start with a simple tent, draping on the top ceiling, individual curtains per leg of the tent and two colors or one* (ivory, white, or off-white only) No lighting included in starting price.

*other colors may be available for an additional fee 

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5. Add more Draping

Individual curtains are tied to each leg of the tent and is included in our starting price. Our upgrades include covering walls with fabric, add wave designs, thicken individual curtains, and even make entrances.
*Extra fees apply based on amount of fabric added *

6. Add Lights

Upgrade to special lighting such as classic chandeliers or string lights to complete the look. We will quote you with the recommended amount of chandeliers/string lights you may need for your tents upon request. We also have up-lights in any color you choose to make your tent look brilliant and bright.