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Prom & Graduation Season

Tenting; Draping; Royal Chairs, & more! Celebrate the graduates this season

Our Rentals

What's the Difference?

Our Pergolas have a standard width of 10'. These are non-adjustable as they are created with wood poles. Our Cabanas have a width of 10 to 15'. Length can vary based on what your area allows and/or what you desire to have under each cabana.

aztecapartyrentals pergola.jpg
aztecaparties pergola (3).jpg


We may customize with additional fabric, lighting, greenery, and more.  Fit your themes perfectly with over 20 colored drapes to choose from.

What to Consider

  • How many guests are you expecting?

  • What would you like to be within the structure?

  • Are there any obstacles (unleveled floor, tree branches, bushes, flower beds, etc.)?

  • Would you like to upgrade to fabric walls for privacy?

  • Would you like to add lighting?

aztecapartyrental cabana.jpg
aztecaparties pergola (2).jpg


Each event is celebrated differently. Our customized pergola & cabanas are quoted per celebration on many factors. Contact us today for a quote

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